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K.D Placenta Soft Gel Essence of Baby Sheep (12000mg)


Nutrition Information

                                       Per 100g

Protein:                                 34g

Energy:                               1530kcal

Fat:                                      17g

Carbohydrates:                             19g

Direction for use:

Swallow one to two capsules daily with warm water. Not to be used as therapeutic goods.


Each capsule contains specially processed ingredients extracted from about 12000mg selected parts of healthy young baby sheep. It contains high quality of animal cells protein, Amino acids and other nutritional elements.

PLACENTRA is a registered TM protected by Australian TM office

Store in a cool dry place under 30C

              MADE IN AUSTRALIA

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K.D Health£¨K.D.Health Food Australia Pty Ltd - www.kdhealthfood.com
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