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K.D Water Soluble Sheep Placenta Extract (50mL)(Export Only)


NAMI Technique Is Adopted In Production

Sheep placenta is known to and accepted by the public for its role of beautification. However, as the effective constituents in the placenta are high-molecule organism of macromolecules, it has been a difficult technical question on how to raise the biological utility rate of its effective constituents. The recent breakthroughs in NAMI technology, and in particular, its application in the biochemical field, have led to a substantial progress in the biological particles. Dr. Nature Laboratory was the first to introduce NAMI technology into extracting and processing the nutrients of placenta with the micron sing technology through the patented reverse hydraulic control to make soluble sheep placenta extract.

Soluble placenta extract has the following features:

Fully soluble to water: it may be fully dissolved in water;
No chemical addictives: apart from honey from Australian wild bees, this product does not contain such chemicals as oil emus, gelatine, recipient, disintegration catalyser, etc.;
Improvisation: NAMI technology coupled with reverse hydraulic control makes the active element microns in sheep placenta smaller than the famous Swiss Brand of sheep placenta inject and therefore easier to absorb;
High density: every 0.5 ml (about 10 drops) is abstracted from 5,000mg fresh sheep placenta;
No foreign smell: the special reverse technology complete diminish foreign smell which normal placenta has;
Specially designed dropper package: easy to carry with and control the dosage;
World creation: Australian high-tech product with limited production and only distributed in the Australian market.

Application: 0.5 ml (about 10 drops) 10 or more drops to the skin each time, evenly applied to the face for external use or dissolved in water for oral use.

World Creation
Australian Patent
NAMI Technolog

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