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K.D Kids Omega-3 with Colostrums


Omega-3 which contains colostrums is a new type of nutrition for children. Combining colostrums and deep-see fish oil into one and absorbing the essence of the colostrums and the fish oil, it has immune globulin contained in the colostrums, which may enhance childrens immunity, and extracts rich Omega-3, delspray and DHA, which may promote the physical development of the children's brain, improve their memory capacity and strengthen their learning ability and behaviour development.

The KD Brand Omega-3 with colostrums may also be produced in a lovely fish shape to cater to the children's likings and has the strawberry and sweep tangerine taste. Its soft capsules are even more easily taken by being chewed or swallowed.

This product adopts advanced technology and is easy for use by children. It does not contain colouring materials or sugar addictives.

Application: Chewing 1 or 2 tablets each time for children of three years and older or upon the advice of a nutritionist.

Way of Storage: To be kept in a cool and dry place with a temperature of less than 300C.

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K.D Health£¨K.D.Health Food Australia Pty Ltd - www.kdhealthfood.com
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