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K.D Essence of Kangaroo (2500mg)


The Kangaroo is the symbol of Australia and is strongly reproductive. A male kangaroo may mate forty female kangaroos and the number of sperms of a male doubles that of an ox. Scientists have discovered that kangaroo muscles contain higher function protein of those of cattle, goat and sheep, pigs and poultry. There is a high percentage of potassium, sodium, iron and zinc with the last being the most important sex functions for male animals.

Adopting the modern GMP biological extraction technique, K.D. Kangaroo Essence is taken from kangaroo testicles and muscles. kangaroo essence which are essential for the human body and play the roles of vitalising the male body and resist senile process. It is the best de lexes natural nutrition for males, essential natural food supplement.

Direction for Use: 1 C 2 capsules a day (Adult only)
Storage: Stored under 300C and away from light. 

This brochure is for distributor use only; It can not replace the diagnosis and care from your healthcare professional.

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K.D HealthK.D.Health Food Australia Pty Ltd - www.kdhealthfood.com
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